About Bailey Lofts

We are Bailey MK and it’s what we do and the way that we do it that has kept us thriving over the years.

Bailey Lofts are part of the Bailey MK group and they are a team of friendly professional consultants, designers, structural engineers and builders who take care of everything that is involved in a loft conversion from the start to finish.

Bailey MK is a construction company established in 1978 offering services throughout the Milton Keynes area for decades. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with accreditation and a commitment to excellence.

As a family business, we strive to always keep our customers happy because our reputation is very important to us. We are a family with a great team around us helping to keep a roof over people’s heads and creating more space for them to live in and enjoy.

Welcome to Bailey MK – get to know, like and trust us.