Creating more storage space in your home

Creating more storage space in your home

Has your home become like an Aladdin’s cave where there are no riches or pots of gold just piles of ‘stuff’ without a home and unwanted ornaments collecting dust?
Is your dinner table is covered in paperwork, cereal boxes and pack lunch bags take up most of the worktop space in the kitchen and your bedroom looks permanently messy?

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘I wish I had more space.’?

Let’s examine your options to bring some form of extra living space, peace and harmony back into your life.

  1. Move house (take a look at the costs – don’t forget the stamp duty!).
  2. Have an extension.
  3. Convert the basement or the loft – a new self-contained space could be beneficial for many reasons.
  4. Add a conservatory.
  5. Get control of your life with smart living.

We live in a world where modern new homes are smaller, but we have more possessions. Our homes become cluttered and eventually, it can affect our well being and relationships. Being a hoarder can have a negative effect on your life and those that share a home with you.

If you can’t afford the big changes like moving house, smart living can enhance your life.

5 things you can do to help you feel more relaxed in your surroundings:

  1. Be organised.
  2. Get rid of things.
  3. Prioritise.
  4. Make the most of unused space.
  5. Look above your head, under your bottom and use an illusion.

Find out how…

1. Be organised…

Take time out for an hour and start planning your smart living.

Walk around each room and write down the essentials that you need in it. For example, the ‘dining room’ = table and chairs, sideboard, large mirror, photo gallery and big table lamp. Or for a ‘child’s bedroom’ = bed, bedside table, dressing table, stool, wardrobe, desk, mirror and chest of drawers.

Write down the bare necessities to make each room work for you and those in your household.

Once you have your list ready, let the games begin!

Put everything else in the middle of each room including ornaments, books and storage boxes etc…

2. Get rid!

Now you need to be brutal, especially after Christmas and the new additions to the home.
What, in the middle of the room do you need and like? Put it to one side.
What don’t you use and you don’t like? Put it in bags or empty boxes.
Stuff you don’t like or can’t justify having, find a new home for it by giving it to a charity shop, selling it on Ebay or donating it to anyone that wants it. Store those items in the garage or shed if you have one until you manage to get rid of them.

3. Prioritise…

Before you put the things you want to keep away, have a look at the layout of the furniture in the room. Could you put the furniture in a different area to make the room appear less cluttered and more spacious? Sometimes it makes a big difference.

Next, put back all the things that you have decided to keep. Prioritise the items, the things that you use regularly should be stored at the front of the cupboard, shelf or at the top of a box. Put labels on the boxes so you know what is where. Storage boxes that stack up are good to use and you can get all different sizes with lids if desired. There are so many storage options like that on the market and it might be a good idea to take a trip to a shop such as IKEA. There is a multitude of shelves, boxes, fixtures and fittings that can make life so much easier.

4. Unused space…

Is there any unused space in a room that you can use for something else?

For example, let’s say you desperately need another bedroom for one of your children and the only room left is your study. Is there any unused space in the rest of the house that you could convert into a little office? Is your dining room used very often? Would it be able to accommodate study furniture? You could have fitted cupboards installed in the dining room where a desk can be built inside the cupboard and you just need to pull it out when you want to use it. An alternative to that would be converting the area under the stairs into a small study.

Another great tip for a bedroom is to put a small chest of drawers inside the wardrobe and that will clear up more floor space.

Get your creative cap on and see what you can do around your home.

5. Above your head, under your bottom and it’s just an illusion…

Shelves are an excellent idea for adding more storage space. They can go in any room and even around the doors! Window seats and some designs of footstools and ottomans make very good storage spaces too. When you choose the decor for your house, consider the size of the rooms. Floral or busy wallpaper and dark paint can make a room look more closed in. Using light colours, good lighting and big mirrors can make a room appear so much bigger.

Here are some more ideas for extra storage space in the home:

• Use space under the bed for vacuum-packed clothes and/or a suitcase filled with things that you don’t use on a regular basis
• There are beds available with draws in the side or the mattress lifts up to reveal extra storage space
• In a child’s bedroom, you could choose to have a bunk bed with storage space underneath
• You could choose to have a bed that comes out from the wall, sofa beds and futons can also be a great way to create more space
• Fitted wardrobes are a good idea, you can either get a company to fit them or you can try to do it yourself
• Above wardrobe storage is a good option, normally there is quite a gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling
• For a desk area, you could have a desk that folds down from the wall to save floor space
• If you haven’t got enough room for a normal size wardrobe you can buy a single one or create an open wardrobe with a hanging bar, shelf and trouser hanger attached to the wall
• You could choose to use a clothes rail but that tends to look messy
• There are a great selection of plastic storage boxes or draws of different colours to match a bedroom
• Instead of piling things on a shelf like toiletries and makeup, get little baskets so it hides the mess
• For children’s soft toys you could put a hammock up to clear space on the bed or the bedroom floor

In the kitchen

Do you have things in the kitchen that take up space that you hardly use? Do you need a tumble dryer indoors, could it go in the garage? What about a free-standing freezer, could that go in the garage too? Here are other ideas:
• Pan rack – if you have an appropriate area in your kitchen, these are a great idea to save space in the cupboards
• Extra shelving – look around where could you put a shelf for all those cookery books for example
• If you don’t want to use shelves, another alternative is to wall mount wooden crates and use them for storage
• You can add more overhead kitchen cupboards
• Boxes with handles – you can be more organised in your cupboards if you use small or slimline storage boxes that come in and out easily with a handle

In the hallway, you could add a shoe rack, a bench with storage under the seat, a coat stand, hooks and shelves.

There are so many different storage ideas on the market, take a look online and start smart living. A tidy home can make such a difference to your well-being.